The Redstone Chapter of the Vertical Flight Society (formerly the American Helicopter Society) Invites Collegiate Applicants for Science and Engineering Scholarships for the 2024-2025 School Year

Scholarship grants are based upon academic merit and other factors and will be awarded to the best-qualified applicants as determined during a selection process scheduled for February 2024. Depending upon endowment income, the each scholarship awardee may receive up to $4,000.

To become eligible for a scholarship award:


Home of Record

The applicant’s home of record or the college you will attend must be within the Redstone Chapter’s geographic region (i.e., all of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and the panhandle of Florida (limited to Zip Codes 32400 - 32599).


Enrollment Status

For the 2023-2024 school year, an applicant must be enrolled on a full-time basis as a student in an accredited degree program at a 4-year university and must certify their intent to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in math, science, computer science, or engineering subject areas following receipt of the scholarship.

Additionally, each applicant must provide the following Supporting Information:

a. At least one reference letter (academic endorsement) from a professor or dean at your current university. For incoming freshman only, a letter from a teacher/counselor from your high school is an acceptable substitute for the Professor’s/Dean’s academic endorsement. (Additional letters are desirable, but no more than three reference letters will be considered.) Intern’s letters from deans not associated with current academic endeavors will not be considered.

b. Current, cumulative transcript(s) of collegiate grades (including the most recent final course grades issued). Transfer students must also submit transcripts from all previous colleges. Incoming freshmen must submit transcripts from all high schools attended (including the most recent final course grades issued).

c. It is highly encouraged that incoming freshmen submit a copy of their ACT or SAT scores.  Lack of ACT or SAT scores will not adversely affect scholarship award.

d. Awardees will be required to submit a “head and shoulders” color photograph suitable for publication on the Chapter’s web site. Digital photo files are preferred. Photos are not required at time of application.

e. These supporting items need not be attached to the application, but if submitted separately, they must meet the application deadline of Friday, January 26, 2024.



The applicant must submit the entire Application for Scholarship, sections I through VII.




Submit this Application and Supporting Information to the following mail or email address. Applications and supporting documentation must be postmarked NLT Friday, January 26, 2024Hard copy mail must be received by Monday, February 12, 2024. E-mail submissions are acceptable/preferred, but must be sent NLT 11:59 PM, January 26, 2024

Mr. Patrick M. Gómez 211 Haddington Court, Madison, AL 35757

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Administrative Information

a. Applications will be evaluated by the Redstone Chapter’s Scholarship Selection Committee. Preference will be given to applicants pursuing math, science, computer science and engineering degrees in support of a career in aviation engineering disciplines.

b. Successful scholarship applicants will be notified by March 29, 2024.  

c. In addition to the scholarships, the Redstone Chapter will fund a one-year VFS student membership for scholarship awardees who are not already VFS members.

d. For administrative inquiries contact: Mr. Patrick M. (Pat) Gómez, (256) 430-3888 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

e. Applicants for the Redstone Chapter’s Scholarship Program are also encouraged to consider the scholarship opportunity provided by the Vertical Flight Foundation

  • Redstone Geographic Areas include:

  • State                          Area                                         State Zip Code

    AL                                   ALL                                          35000-36999

    AR                                  ALL                                           71601-72999

    FL                      Western Panhandle                          32400-32599

    MS                                ALL                                             38600-39799

    TN                                ALL                                             37000-38599

Application Download

Application (PDF)

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Application (Word)

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